IoT Sim

Secure Cellular Core with CBRS support Designed for Enterprises & IoT


True freedom for IoT companies who needs rapid

time-to-market, complete visibility and a solution

which is designed to scale. 

  • Global IoT SIM which connects in +170 countries and +500 networks.
  • Multiple SIM profile (IMSI) with remote swap capabilities.
  • Global bootstrap with eSIM.
  • Self service connectivity platform: powerful console for SIM provisioning, lifecycle, roaming and billing management capabilities, packed with security feature and real-time alerts for multiple use cases.
  • Developer friendly environment, powered by RESTful APIs for business process automation.


Infrastructure level security layers will keep your IoT  project safe and sound.

monogoto security features are just a few clicks away and it’s all included free of charge.

  • Make sure to isolate your IP network from or packets transmission to, unallowed IPs.
  • Whitelist / blacklist voice and SMS traffic via SS7 firewall.
  • Build your own personal firewall and routes for relevant groups.
  • Use NAT traversal as a maintenance backhaul only when you need it open.
  • Create multiple alerts for various actions:
    • Data usage
    • Last usage
    • IMEI change
    • Movement violation
    • MT/MO SMS
    • More…


Multiple business models which fits every market.

Selecting a cellular connectivity vendor is a crucial issue for IoT companies, who needs to maintain flexible

business models with their end customers. With monogoto you have the freedom to select between multiple

options, such as:

    • Pay per use (postpaid)
    • Customized data bundles (per SIM prepaid)
    • Data pool (per group of SIMs prepaid)


SIM Card

Type Classic, Industrial, Automotive, eUICC, eSIM
Form Factor 2FF, 3FF, 4FF, MFF
Technologies 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT
Coverage +170 countries, +500 networks
Multi-IMSI Dynamic IMSI swap according to your business logic
Profile Swap RSP interoperability, OTA
Roaming Restriction Roaming policy for allowed networks
Steering Override the operator defined steering


Self Service Console Provisioning, management, monitoring, reporting
Billing Flexible billing options for wholesale and retail customers
Group Level Define SIM groups policy and business logic
Event Stream Action/Alert trigger based on metric condition
RESTful APIs Embed any platform function at your existing
business process


Telephony Policies Incoming/Outgoing voice & SMS rules
IP Policies Inbound/Outbound IP & Protocol rules
Internal Firewall Address pools, VPN, Routes, NAT, Isolation, Public and Static IPs
IMEI Lock SIM allowed only for specific device
SMS VPN Incoming/Outgoing SMS arrives/terminates via API
SMS Home Routing

with Spoofed IMSI

Prevent basic SS7 attacks
Dynamic Registration Additional registration decision mechanism on LU process
IMSI/MSISDN Decoupling MSISDN hiding against SS7 attached